altech alloys

altech alloys
To achieve global recognition as leading foundry chemicals manufacturer & exporter through focus on our , suppliers, employee empowerment and continuous improvement.
altech alloys

altech alloys
We will nurture ethically managed organization.We will not exploit our customers, employees, government, society and nature.
altech alloys

Welcome to Altech Alloys India Pvt. Ltd.

Clients :

Ferrous Industries Non Ferrous Industries
1) Ghatge Patil Industries ltd. 1) Hindallo Industries Ltd.
2) Punjab Tractors Ltd. 2) National Aluminium Co. Ltd.
3) Shri Ram Foundry Ltd. 3) Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd.
4) Saroj Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd. 4) Madras Aluminium Co. Ltd.
5) Mantri Mettalics Pvt. Ltd. 5) Jindal Aluminium Ltd.
6) Marvelous Metals Pvt. Ltd. 6) Meta Copper Ltd.
7) Menon & Menon Ltd. 7) Meta Copper Ltd.
9) Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. 8) Sundaram Clayton Ltd.
10) Mayura Steels Pvt. Ltd. 9) Banco Aluminium Ltd.
  10) Tata Motors Ltd.
  11) Kirloskar Oil engines Ltd.
  12) Federal Mogal Goetze India Ltd.
  13) Menon Piston Ltd.
  14) Varun Aluminium Industries Ltd.
  15) Jayhind Industries Ltd.
  16) Apar Ltd.
  17) Sterlite Industries Ltd.
  18) Hiren Industries Ltd.
  19) India Pistons Ltd.
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